Virginia M. Sparks was Wife. Wife had
great aunt, Mrs. B and uncle, Mr. B. Roy A. Sparks, Jr was her Husband. They bought
a land in Jamul, California during the marriage. They consented that the
attribute of the land was community property. After some while, Wife decided to
construct a house on a part of the land. When Wife asked him about the house,
Husband didn’t want the house but, agreed with the construction of the house. she
received some amount of money from her uncle Mr. B for construction. Mrs. B
passed away. Mr. B moved the house and the Wife and Husband lived together with
him. After 4 years, Mr. B passed away. The uncle gave the house to the Wife. Later,
Husband and Wife divorced. Husband asked the share of the house insisting that
the house was community property. Wife rejected. Husband filed a suit. The Trial
court ruled in favor of Wife. Husband appealed.