Amisha Story 2017). Similarly, after Pollockbecoming famous, Willem

Amisha Thapa  Art is the most popular media where it expresses creativity of an artist. There are lots of art form, among all, abstract expressionism has some unique characteristic where the artist can explore his/her imagination and show creativity freely with plenty of canvases. Abstract Art was term which revealed 20th century Western art. In 19th century it was named as Modern abstraction that gained a lot of attraction. As there are many well-known abstract artists.Among all of the artists, Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning are famous artists of abstract expressionism movement of 19thand 20th century. Besides, there are some superficial similarities. Likewise, these both artists were an influential American painter (The Art Work 2017). However, they were influenced by symbolic ideas and had evoked different perception within viewers. Body paragraph 1 Jackson Pollock’s journey of art began with his family as his elder brother name Charles was an artist who formed to be the motivator for Pollock in his life of art history (Biography 2018). Pollock started his career from childhood and soon after hereceived fame in between of 1934 to 1953 (wiki art 2011). Additionally, he even became addiction of alcohol shortly he acquired addiction of alcohol inhalation (The Art Story 2017). On that account he created depression anxiety which resulted intense painting (The Art Story 2017). Similarly, after Pollockbecoming famous, Willem de Kooning also became well-known for an abstract expressionism painter (The Art Work 2017). Likewise, Kooning, from young age his aim flowered to art world then with art collage enrolment in New York his career started building in extreme success in his life till 1936 to 1998, approximately (Ocula 2017). Body paragraph 2 There are similarities within both artists including their life experiences and the same inspired teacher. Firstly, as from the poor family and when parents began to separate the rapid migration begins in Pollock life (The Art Work n.d.). Pollock experienced a lot of culture during migration as he also obtainedto interact Indians mounds (Arkle 2014 pp. 8-9). Comparably,both artist Pollock and Kooning were part of world war (Ocula2017). On the other hand, Willem de Kooning was also from the divorced parents where he used to need to stay with both portionsalternatively way like Pollock (American National Biography 2018). Furthermore, his mother obtained a bar of her own (The Art Work 2017). Secondly, Pollock was inspired by a lot ofteacher. Thomas hart Benton, who was one of art teacher for him,was more important to him and had inspired him a lot during life time (Collection Online n.d.). Moreover, both artists werepowerfully influenced by the same idol painter named Pablo Picasso (Wiki art n.d.). He was well known Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist and stage designer (Bitcoin Beginner’s Guide 2009). Picasso release all his creative imagination differently by showing figures, cultures, depression and stress of mind (Bitcoin Beginner’s Guide 2009).Paragraph 3 Comparing both artist Pollock and Kooning arts, they both had different concept of delivering their arts. Jackson pollock work seemed to express his own emotion that led to free thinking towards his canvas (Toynton 2012, p.1). Whereas Willems art was also free thinking but he had more body structure towards his canvas painting (The Art Work 2017). Among all painting,Pollock art which got famous was Bird, that revealed Jungian expression as when he was in rehabilitation he across with two Jungian so from their he created his own unconsciousness symbolism (Klee blatt 2008, p. 35). In Pollock painting Bird he had revealed a lot of diagrams of bird egg where it shows bothmale and female structure elements and struggle process of it (Action abstraction 2008 p.35). It was of oil and canvas painting which was first showed in Museum of Modern Art in New York between 1938 to 1941. Similarly, in Kooning arts there are a lotof female figures. Among all Drawing of harper’s bazaar is famous painting that of in March 1 ,1940, seated woman (plate 20), this both painting shows the structure of female body (American National Biography, 2017). On the other hand,Woman I painting was the most famous painting of 19th century where he demonstrated woman different expressions, feeling and affection (The Art story 2017).  Kooning even said ”Beauty becomes petulant to me” (MoMA 2017). Kooning way of painting was really impressive as he connected both figures and ground differently and Pollock express his all depression and imagination in his painting.Paragraph 4In contrast, Jackson Pollock is perhaps a great well-known abstract Expressionist, famous mostly for his drip paintings later termed ”action painting” (MoMa 2017). Pollock placed his canvas on the floor, he used sticks instead of using brushes, turkey baster, dry brushes hard like rock and split, ponding of the waves on the floor of canvas drawing like leaves formation (Khan Academy 2017). He developed reuse of nature’s process as he mentioned ”I am nature” and ”My concerns are with the rhythms of nature” (MoMA 2017). Besides, in his painting he also explores more about his depression and emotion (MoMA 2017) with contrasting colour – “Every good painter paints what he is” the famous quotation of pollock (The Art Story 2017). Whereas, Willem de Kooning is widely known for his masterful artist of figures mostly of girls (American National Biography 2017 ). He used brushes, canvas, colourful painting but to reflect girl he was always fascinated with the colour pink (The New York Times 2018). The quotation that he used most was- ”I don’t paint with ideas of art in mind. I see something that excites me. It becomes my content” (The Art Story 2017).  ConclusionTo sum up, the two artists Jackson pollock and Willem de Kooning plays very important characteristics in the 19th century of abstract expressionist movement. Knowing about their style of painting they expressed a varieties of similarities as they had exposed their own emotion in their canvases and also influenced by same inspired motivator .While both painters also had contrast ways of discovering ideas oppositely .