Apple that you have met in your phone.

Apple Company is running incorporate system so they know as Apple Inc. Apple
Inc. is a multinational company that delivers a high standard computer products
like IPhone as in communication products, and entertainment product like Mac
computers, IPads, IPods and so on. The founders of Apple Inc. are Steven Paul
Jobs, Stephen Gary Wozniak, and Ronald Gerald Wayne. Although Apple Inc. that
is stable and competitive in technology industry but the strategies and
policies that carried out by their management team have advantages and

            First and foremost, the
advantages of its business practices is customer service. Customer service for
Apple Inc. got a very good review compare to other technology company. They
offer international warranty which means you can go any state of the place that
nearby you to ask for the problem that you have met in your phone. They will
always help their customer with their devices and will release extremely
significant products. Another advantages of its business practice rotates
around the idea that creativity. Apple Inc. might not have many products as
other technology company does, but they are more creative with what they
currently have.

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            Furthermore, Apple Inc.
is more focus on innovation and task driven culture. They always tried to make premium
and unique products to gain competitive advantages. The innovations helped the company
gain market reputation. They are very strict to choose the best work force
available. Hard work and commitment is the main condition that the company
looking for it employees. In addition, another advantage is the bonus and benefit
to their employees. Apple Inc. is taking numerical steps to make their
employees feel good about the benefits that offered by the company. Apple Inc.
had given their employees free IPhones after the new product device had
launched in the industry.

            On the other hand, the
disadvantages of its business is long working hours. Apple Inc. is always favoured
hard working people in other word they more prefer workhorse people who does
not care about the working hours. This will be influence the employees’ family
lifestyle. The employees must be creative and enthusiastic so they might be stressed
out. Moreover, another disadvantage of its business practice is lack of transparency
of information. Apple Inc. offers to the market is one of the kind and high
standard. They have not influenced by the hard times, so the considering future
growth of the company transparency of information is necessary. Transparency of
information also helps the investors as known as stakeholders. Some outsiders
think Apple’s closed policy is horrible. Apple should be more open about their
products and company just like Microsoft.

            Last but not least,
dysfunctional culture is also a disadvantage of its business practice. Many talent
and skilful people left the company because they could not adjust and embrace
the unique culture of the company. The company has less feeling towards
relationship with the employees but they focus on the jobs strictly. Apple products
is more pricey compare to other technology company products because they are
making their own hardware so it sets the price fir it without any competition. Some
of the people who anti-apple products seem to believe that Apple TV line has
been a major failure. These said creatures even claim that Apple is making you
pull out a large wad of cash for products that simply are not worth at all.