Assignment an effective way. The main aim of









                                                 Assignment #1

                 Sustainable Operations I – Personal
Review & Reflection 1

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January 24, 2018















Teamwork is an effective
method to meet the goal and targets of the project in an effective way. The
main aim of a team is the proper allocation of responsibility and proper
planning to accomplish the set goals.

I am here supposed to give
my reflection which is aimed to describe my experience of working in the team
of 4 members for the development of the sustainable business action plan for
the client Nutri-Lawn.

This reflection generally
requires reflecting upon the personal experience while working in the groups; analyze
interpersonal dynamics and the performance of individuals in the team work.

with my teammates

When we were first told to
work in the team and that too in a professional manner, I thought it is going
to be very difficult for me, I used to do small projects at my schooling but I
was never assigned to work on the big project as now I am.

My contribution to the teamwork I think was a
doer and a supporter. I do completed whatever part of project was assigned to

There were lots of task that I was not
perfect at like making Gantt chart but my teammates helped me in learning how
to do that. Working as a team I came to know that I am not good at some
computer skills that I need to focus on. Also, I learned the importance of
appreciating the work of other team members thus maintaining the supportive
environment throughout the team work.

I will not say that I was perfect in all the
tasks but I always put lots of effort to give the best of my part. There are
still many things that I need to learn to be a productive member of a team. As
every person has his or her own perspective, so I think that the evaluation by
my peers could vary from the way I evaluate myself.

Something that held me back from giving my
best was the lack of experience of not having done things in this manner before,
like the way my colleagues uses the technology to get all the stuff done.


In this team work, each of us played
different role to be an effective team. Jishnu with his amiable and outgoing
traits made every group meetings enjoyable. He always participated in the
conversation effectively asking more of the questions. Lindsay, being
communication coordinator managed all the communications efficiently. She, I
and Jishnu were the ones to ensure that we were on the right track. All the
team members did a good job in this project work. Shannon was a good leader and
report initiator in our team.  She sacrificed
her special time sometimes for the sake of the team. I loved working with all
the team members. They were very helpful and encouraging and we worked as a
team and not as an individual. Also, we reminded everyone in the whatsapp group
to ensure that anyone won’t forget to get their part done.

The most frustrating thing about working in
the teams that I felt is difference in cultural background. As the team members
assigned for the task are not familiar with each other so it takes time to mix
up with the members of the group. If I consider myself here, as I was not
having enough knowledge about the culture my team members have, I was the good
listener trying to learn about the good or bad things they have in their cultural
background. So, this somewhat hinder communication skills.

The most rewarding thing about working in a
team I believe is to learn how to better communicate and respect the other team
member’s opinions and ideas and learn a lot from their ideas. Moreover, working
in a team boosted my confidence level and with the passage of time I started
getting involved in the discussions and putting my perspective forth which I
was not much involved at the beginning. In addition, due to the strike we went
short of the time, even then with your help on flexible deadlines, we all
managed to get everything done on time and properly.


things I feel I need to work on to improve myself as a team member?

Working in the teams here is
the new experience to me. As in Punjab, where I studied, students are given
only theoretical work. This was one of the reasons coming here to study as here
more importance is given to think critically rather than memorizing the
concepts. So, working in teams in sustainable operations-I made me to learn a
lot about the team work from this project but I also found that there are many
areas where I could improve to be an effective team member. I too did whatever
task was assigned to me according to my skills but this made me realize that I
could improve my communications so as to communicate my ideas and thinking in
more effective manner in the group. I also thought that paying more attention
to other team member’s opinion and ideas, understanding the concept would be a
great effort by me to give outstanding performance when it came to my part of
the task.

 Well, now I can say I learned a lot of things
from my teammates, this would help me to overcome my weakness and give my best
in the upcoming assigned tasks. Now, we have a good sense of a belonging to the
team. Every member in our team wants another person to do his best as we are a
team. From my experience, I have come to realize that your relationship with
your team members is most important element of team work to achieve the set
goals and targets,