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Charles Dickens was born on Friday, the seventh of February at Landport England, a suburb of Portsmouth.  John, his father, was a clerk in the navy pay office attached to the dockyard, and his mother was named Elizabeth. His father was transferred to Chatham with his family.  First gets some schooling, although an avid reader. In 1822 the family moved to London, Charles had seven brothers and sisters. At age 12 Charles had to work in a dirty old factory, then at age 15 Charles got a job in a lawyer’s office he hated it.   Charles learned shorthand, he got a job writing about parliament and when he got older he traveled around England by stagecoach. Charles Dickens was able to go to back to school after family trouble  charles went back to school  in June 1824 he was able to go back to school at Wellington House Academy.In 1833 he sold his first published story “Dinner at poplar walk” appears in “monthly magazine.” In 1834 Charles Dickens working as newspaper reporter adopts the pseudonym “Boz” father once again was  arrested for debt  and he was sent to  Marshalsea prison in Southwark, England. and Charles comes to his aid.Have you ever heard of this British author named Charles Dickens he was born on Friday, the seventh of February at Landport England, a suburb of Portsmouth England. His dad John and his mom Elizabeth Dickens had a son named Charles Dickens was the second child out of the five children they had. Charles Dickens worked at a dirty old factory when he was 12 years old, and he had to go out of school to work there. John and Elizabeth’s father was arrested for debt three times. Charles Dickens at age 15 he got a job in a lawyers’ office Charles hated it working there he had no fun that is when he learned that he loved to write. Charles Dickens traveled around England by stagecoach when he got older. In the year of 1847, he returned to England. Charles  Dickens and Maria Beadnell had ten children but their marriage was not happy they split up in 1858. Charles dickens wrote about short fiction and Allusion he also writers novels and one of the novels he wrote is “Dickens hard times”. He worked as a reporter for a short time charles dickens novels are often strongly satiric, to the point of caricature. One of his novels “Great expectations” judged by some of his best,most rounded work, charles dickens work is remarkable for its improved work. Charles dickens was a famous writer in england everyone read his book and every liked and charles dickens was gotten little education in his early years as a child. Charles dickens had a hard childhood the reason why i say that is because he had to  work at a very young age in a dirty old factory because he had dad who would ot pay the taxes and that why his dad was arrested so many times for doing that and that made charles dickens very mad because if what his dad was doing