Data learn in the context of different situations.

Data mining is a
powerful analytical tool that enables educational institutions to better
allocate resources and proactively manage student outcomes. The management
system can improve their policies, enhance their strategies and thereby improve
the quality of whole education system. Data Mining could be used to improve
educational business intelligence process to enhance the overall efficiency by
optimizing the utility of the available resources in universities. The
performance and success of students in the examination as well as their overall
personality development could be exponentially accelerated by thoroughly
utilizing Data Mining technique to evaluate their admission, academic
performance and finally the placement.

the amount of data stored in educational database is increasing rapidly. These
databases contain useful information for improvement of students’
performance.  As academic performance is
influenced by many factors, therefore it is essential to develop predictive
data mining model for students’ performance so as to identify the difference
between high learners and slow learners. 5

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emerging research area in this regard is known as Educational Data Mining (EDM)
25, 26, 27, 28. The main focus of EDM is discovering the unique types of data
that come from educational systems and tools. This is done by rising methods to
support students and the educational settings they use.

It is proven that education
is of vital importance in the development and success of any country. Data
mining is a powerful tool for exploring data and
organizing it into multiple levels of meaningful hierarchy, in order to discover
new insights about how people learn in the context of different
situations.  For example, in extreme load
shedding how student manage to study or after a terror attack how student feel
to go to education place. More over how these situations affect their grades.