Empedocles “Purifications.” This philosopher wrote in his poem

Empedocles was born the c. 490 BC and died the c 430 BC, in other words, he was alive 2500 years ago. Empedocles lived in Akragas, Sicily. This city had a very good economy, in which contributes why he came from a wealthy family.Empedocles came from a wealthy family, his family kept racehorses, and his father participated in the Olympic games. He was well educated by the Pythagoreans, who taught him that numbers were the most import thing on earth. He had a very rare fashion sense, but he knew how to stand out. He always had kids around him, and because of his manners, the ones who knew Empedocles admired him.Empedocles threw himself into a volcano called Mount Etna. There were some theories about his death that said since he considered himself a god, he didn’t want people to find his body, so he could truly prove he was immortal. Their views were accepted since people admired his thoughts and him himself, he was criticized by ancient atomists. Empedocles of Acragas wrote two famous philosophical poems which were called “On Nature” and “Purifications.” This philosopher wrote in his poem “On Nature” that the universe could not have come into existence from nothing and that it can also not be destroyed. He, however, did not accept the view that the universe was an unchanging unity. Empedocles argued that everything in the universe was made out of four never-ending materials known as “elements” or “roots of all.” These elements were mainly earth, water, air, and fire he referred to them as gods. Empedocles stated that earth never changes qualitatively but that it remains constant. Empedocles demonstrated actual change through the elements by explaining how all things come together and arrange and rearrange. This philosopher did not think of this change as something that comes into existence and then is destroyed completely. He characterized coming together and separating with love (which was Harmonia) and strife (which was neikos). He did this because he disagreed with the view that the universe was never changing. ¬†Although Empedocles was eventually exiled from his home city, the real motives are unknown. I think Empedocles was a great philosopher, who had a impressive reasoning about how the universe works with the elements. He didn’t agree with the idea that the universe was never changing, and that is why he argued that all things in the universe came from the four elements. We can see he wasn’t crazy because his reasoning was clear and he could prove what he was saying in his famous poems “On Nature” and “Purifications.” Empedocles elucidated the change of the elements by explaining how all things come together and group, but also how they arrange and rearrange differently.