Firstly costs of implementing and renting a cloud

Firstly and most importantly, companies should concern on the cost first. There is a severe lack of consistency among providers regarding what customers pay for and receive. When considering costs, companies should not rely solely on simple pricing charts that only show the costs of implementing and renting a cloud service without considering the company’s long term strategy. Before selecting a suitable cloud provider for a company, they should know exactly what they need and understand their needs for the cloud computing service. By doing so, it will help company save costs by not paying for extra services that the company does not need or understand. Other than knowing and understanding the needs of the company, decision makers should also consider the costs of implementing/renting the cloud computing service. For example, the costs of installing, maintaining, customising and so on. The cloud computing service that the company ultimately chooses should be within its budget. With all that said, the main goal of selecting and implementing a cloud provider is to achieve cost-benefits. Therefore, this makes the costs one of the, if not the most of important key factor to consider when selecting a cloud provider.Scalability is the ability to expand and contract infrastructure resources on demand. This factor is what makes a cloud so powerful. It is very important for a cloud have flexibility and adaptability.A cloud is flexible if it is able to expand and go back to its original size. For example, various components can be added or removed to expand or downsize the infrastructure of the cloud or it is allows you to programmatically add or remove servers using a control panel. The second attribute of scalability is the ability to adapt to the business environment that is constantly changing. A powerful cloud must be able to adapt to any changes to the business environment or the company user’s requirements. According to a recent study, it shows that there is sharp rise of people that are accessing the cloud through their mobile phones. If the cloud is adaptive, the cloud should be able to adapt to this change as quickly as possible to fulfil this new demand. In a real business environment that is constantly changing, if your cloud can adapt and respond fast enough, it will be a business agility – the distinct qualities that allow organisations to respond rapidly to changes in the internal and external environment. Without a doubt storing data and information in a cloud has its benefits. For example, companies no longer has to invest in big servers, IT personals and so on. But security is a very important factor to consider. In today’s business environment, data can be used to analyse and foresee what are the market’s demand, target customers are and so on. Why is security important? In this computer age, security breaches are very common and a very big deal. According to a research in 2012, it was revealed that a Russian hacker stole 167 million emails and encrypted passwords online, before selling it online. With all the information stolen, the hacker is able to access to the user’s personal details that are stored in the email.All cloud providers are trying to keep their data save, but it does not mean all cloud providers are equally secured. Not all cloud providers rely on their own for security. Some cloud providers rely on third-party providers to keep the data stored safe and secure.Many cloud services do not specify where all your data and information are stored. These cloud providers usually offer “locationless” clouds. It is safer to know where the data is physically stored for compliances purposes. Knowing the location of where your data is stored will help the decision maker of the company greatly. Because some locations may be prone to be hit by natural disasters such as earthquakes or tsunamis, which may destroy or damage your data that is stored in that location.In conclusion, having a good security is equally important as being scalable. Without a secure security, it will be pointless to have a cloud to store all your data and information.