However, In continuation, they go on to explain

However, on the other hand the videos argue that large
corporations are to be blamed for everything as they are controlling society. In
continuation, they go on to explain that if we do not put a stop to it- it will
result in these businesses destroying our society even more in the near future.

During the video, they state, that greenhouse gases have grown tremendously
over the last decade as they need to put a stop to it. Furthermore, they go on
to state that these companies need to have alternative solutions to reduce the
amount greenhouse gases emitted into our word. Some alternative solutions are
solar panels and wind turbines. Furthermore, businesses should start looking at
the bigger picture which is providing society with the best suitable action. If
organizations fail to fix the problem it will result in all of humanity having
to pay for these businesses mistakes. To conclude, organization should eliminate
the idea that social responsibility is all about making a profit, but as a
responsibility to make our community a better place.

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