I care if your innocent or not. Black

I feel like black lives are most important to worry about because of president Donald Trump. A lot of black people seen him on television disrespecting their racism. So, because everyone seen it black people wants him to leave and not be the president of the U.S. There are so many black people out here in this world that been disrespected at least once or twice by a white person. Also, a lot of people are mad that the president is trying to bring slavery back in this world. Everyone would be so satisfied if Barack Obama had came back to this city and became president again. Most of the main things about black lives are that people think that black people can take everything that’s given to them. Black people are called names that offends them in a type a way. Also, Black people really hates when a white person calls them an offensive word that makes them mad or angry and wants to fight them. Also, black people be getting questioned by cops and getting shot just for having a hood on there head. A lot of black people thinks that they should be treated way better than how there being treated now. Black people are mostly being treated badly because of their race. Because of their race, white people are starting to call black people names and offensive names that offends black people badly. I also think that white people hate on black people for some type of reason. Black people are mad that the president is trying to bring slavery into the world. Almost everyone in the world would want Barack Obama to come back into this world be the president again or even forever. Another thing about black people is throwbacks. Back then black people used to get killed from slavery and they had to sit in the back of the bus. Most black people be innocent, and cops be arresting for no type of reason. They’ll look at you and don’t care if your innocent or not. Black people don’t like when cops pulls up on them question them or pull a gun out on them because they think that their about to do something bad. More things about black people is that they don’t like when the judge tells the cops or someone to sentence them for no reason just like how the judge told them to sentence Meek Mill 2-4 years for no type of reason. Black people also don’t like is when white people try to threaten them. White people will threaten black people out of nowhere. But, When black people wants to fight them or threaten to shoot them they’ll call the cops with no hesitation. Black people want to go to war for freedom, so they won’t have to deal with the cops all the time when their innocent.