IGN:FriendList.Age:15.What a decent amount of spare timeon my

IGN:FriendList.Age:15.What rank are you applying for:Host.Have you ever purchased anything in our server store? This does not affect anything:I haven’t.Have you ever been banned on NightShadePvP:N/AHave you ever applied for staff on NightShadePvP:N/ATimezone:ESTHow active are you on NightShadePvP:I have recently started playing Nightshade, and Ihave found it to be pretty fun and well put togetherHow will NightShadePvP benefit from you being staff:Well, I have a lot of experience in hosting and specing uhc’s.I have hosted a total of about 30-45 games on reddit and they haveall been pretty successful. I also have a decent amount of spare timeon my hands so I can host a ton through out the day. I also can easily spotout most types of hacks, Xray, Ka, Speed, or any other type of cheats.here are a list of qualities-Mature – I would say that I am pretty mature for my age and I don’t make stupid mistakes often. I am very respectful in game chat, like I don’t randomly blurt out random stuff that is notprofessional. I always try to handle situations in a mature manner, and I don’t let toxicity get to me either. So if  someone is trying to annoy me I won’t abuse my commands. Trustworthy – You can always trust me, I never abuse or take sudden risk. I don’t ban or muteplayers without good evidence, I will never get in arguments in players or staff members . Active – I am very active and will spend my time on the serverwisely and use it to benefit the server. And when Iam not on I am still communicating with the server viaDiscord, Telegram and Skype. I can confidently say that Ican dedicate up to 9 hours a day on this server.MultiTasking – When hosting there is a lot going on at the same time helpops, players spamming, sometimes server issues, and other stuff you have to handle. I think that I have a decent foundation in completing multiple things at one, I am also decent at typing getting about 70-90 wpm. I would say that I am good at replying to questions while hosting and making sure the game runs smoothly.What were your past experiences as being a staff member or a host?QuestUhc- Owner, I have hosting about 20-30 games on there with about 60+ player fills. Good experience. OdinNetwork – SrHost, I hosted about 10-15 games on there but the owner stop paying for the server recently so sadly I could’t host any longer.Ethyal – TrialMod- I was staff for a very short amount of time on this server, I spec’d uhc’s and banned cheaters.I didn’t know that I wasn’t allowed to own my server at the time so I got demoted shortly after.AtseUHC – Moderator, I was moderator on this server and pretty much speced uhc’s, banned cheaters and rule breakers, and answered questions.Hcnations – Moderator, I was staff on here for a short amount of time, I did a lot though.I ssed players, I answered questions, I did mass moves, and also support room moves. I also handled with abuse once and had to fix it.  What languages are you fluent in:EnglishWhat is your Discord Name and #:xEli#5269What is your Twitter @:https://twitter.com/Eli____xdCan you record clearly:Yes, 1080 120FPSAre you familiar with the reddit guidelines for hosting (Host only):Yes I know all the rules and have studied them. I also know the ban lengths and mute lengths.Are you familiar with how the Reddit UBL works (Host only):Yes I amHave you ever been UBLed (Host only):No I haven’t. I have never been hosting banned either.What is your Reddit username (Host only):https://www.reddit.com/user/Eli65/?Are you verified as a host on hosts.uhc.gg:I am a trial host on reddit. I can post games.Anything else you would like to add:I have recently been learning to code my own plugins and skripts. Maybe can help a little later on.==============================================================================Thanks For Reading- FriendList/xEli Best Regards.