In important. Nestlé worked hard to create a

In the workplaces health and safety is
very important. Nestlé worked hard to create a culture in which
health and safety are their top priorities, and aims to achieve no work-
related injuries and illnesses. Nestlé has created a
roadmap for health and safety in order to help them strive towards that goal.

employment: the international labour organisation estimated that 13.1% of the
world’s young people are unemployed. This has a major impact on the global
poverty across the world. In 2016 Nestlé
offered 10,000 job opportunities and 10,000 apprenticeships to young people
below 30 years of age in Europe. Nestlé did this to
help take away the global poverty and bring young unemployed people into the
world of work. This helps the younger generation to be able to get a job and no
longer be unemployed.

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Nestlé wants to make sure that they have a healthy
workplace and healthier employees. Nestlé want to make
their employees to make more informed decisions about their own health. One of Nestlé
strategic priorities is health and wellness. By encouraging their employees to
lead a healthier lifestyle, they engage their people in learning more about the
area. Helping them to use the things they have learned to improve their own
diet, health and well – being. With this Nestlé is helping the
people and the environment to become much healthier.

Nestlé also makes sure that they are promoting
decent employment and diversity throughout. They make sure that they gender
balance in the work force is balanced, and also supporting women’s empowerment.
Nestlé try their hardest to provide a workplace
where equal opportunities are generated across everyone. Making sure that
people are treated with dignity and respect all the time. There main focus
remains on achieving the balance of genders throughout the workplace.

Nestlé strive to improve the livelihood of the
worker and making sure they protect children in the agricultural supply chain.
One of Nestlé top priorities is protecting the children
from child labour, through their child labour monitoring and remediation
system. This system is a major programme which supports children of farmers and

Nestlé make sure they are respecting and promoting
human rights in whatever they do. Assessing and addressing human rights impacts
across the business activities: Nestlé say that it is
their responsibility to respect the rights of humans. Nestlé
assess the human’s rights risks continually, and making sure they strive to
prevent and address and negative impacts that they may have on the rights of
the people they employ. If the rights of humans are not assessed regularly,
this could prevent them keeping their loyal customers and could potentially
lose out on money.

Improve food availability and dietary diversity
amount the farmers who supply us: farmers and their families have insufficient
food for themselves in some parts of the world. This can lead to problems with
their health because they are unable to get the food needed. Nestle are taking
what they have learned about the issue and are working on non – governmental organisations
to build necessary framework to enable them to overcome this.

Trying to enhance rural livelihood Nestlé
try hard to improve farm economics among the farmers that supply us. Nestle aim
to work with farmers to achieve safe, quality raw materials and making sure
that young, talented farmers stay in business. However, if farmers do not
generate enough income, they will not retain young farmers. Nestle aim to work
with their farmers to help them stay in business and help them to grow. They
will do this by focusing on quality and improving their products regularly.

Nestlé try to help develop thriving, resilient
communities. Improving livelihoods
and developing thriving communities starts with education. Nestlé
believe that children should be in school, and be able to get an education they
want and need.

For our communities

Inspiring people to lead healthier
lives. Nestlé
help people to lead healthier lives by empowering parents, caregivers and
teachers to foster healthy behaviours in children, market to children only
choices that help them achieve a nutritious diet, inspire people to choose
water to lead a healthier live, promoting healthy cooking, eating and
lifestyles, apply and explain nutrition information on pack at point of sale
and online, offer guidance on portions for our products, partner for promoting
healthy food environment. By taking these things into account, ourselves and
customers will be able to lead the healthy lives they want to and aspire to as

Social Responsibility in Nestlé. Nestlé tries its hardest to enable healthier and happier lives.
They believe that food industry has a vital role to play in helping enable
healthier lives. Nestlé want to help
shape a better and healthier world for all of us. Nestlé
has launched more nutritious foods and beverages, especially for mothers to be,
new mothers and children, increase vegetables and rich in fibre foods which is
just what people need in order to become a healthier world.

For individuals and families


The company is working in diversified
communities and it has to face changes in different countries and some of its
products are not allowed in different countries due to various reasons. Nestlé
has to compete with different companies, having to face different risks all the

Political factors 

Nestlé has started preparation of beverages, baby
food, pet food, dairy products, confectionaries and pharmaceuticals. In the
world, Nestlé is working in about 86 countries which has
shown its business strengths. Nestlé has introduced various things such
as Kit Kat, Nescafe and many more. They have maintained large network of research
and development that it has introduced innovative products in the market. Due to
different economic policies of different countries, Nestlé
has to face problems in supplying its products to the customers.

Economical factors

Nestlé is a world known brand, which is engaged
with the business of preparing food products, beverages, chocolate and sweets. Nestlé
has developed its business in almost all big and small countries of the world.
The food company has given special emphasis to its clients and it has built
relationships with them throughout its time.

PESTLE analysis


prices of raw materials is one of the biggest threats on Nestlé. General price level rise due to increases in the cost of
wages and raw materials. Due to there being fewer goods produced, the supply
weakens and the demand for these goods remains consistent. Therefore, the
prices of finished goods increase.

Threat of
new entrants is also a big threat on Nestlé. ‘Threat of new entrants refers to
the threat new competitors pose to existing competitors in an industry.’ A
profitable industry will be the one to attract more competitors looking to
achieve profits.

Threat of
substitutes can have an impact on Nestlé. ‘Essentially, Nestlé is constantly a target, and so the threat of new entrants is
relatively low whereas threat of substitute goods is high, due to the nature of
the industry. Nestlé is the best with the threat of
substitute goods.’


brand image is also a great opportunity. ‘Brand image is developed over time
through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme.’ From advertising and
promoting customers are able to see the different products and offers there
are. This will help Nestlé to gain more customers and help
their business to grow. The more Nestlé advertises, the more people will recommend
to other people and the more loyalty Nestlé with receive.

marriages is a great opportunity for Nestlé. ‘Brand relationship is where the
customer would be willing to pay more to buy from one retailer over another.’
Most customers only chose to shop at one particular retailer because of the
products they have. From this, retailers are able to gain loyalty from their
customers; working hard to maintain their loyalty.


brand structure can make Nestlé lose some
business. Different
products like milk, the threat from substitution is very high. These kind of
products can compete on a daily basis of only price and availability.
Businesses need to put prices at a good rate for their customers in order to
maintain their customer’s loyalty. This can result in Nestlé losing or gaining

One of Nestlé weaknesses is multiple controversies. Some of the things that Nestlé
has improved and introduced has caused controversy with customers. Some of
their customers may not like the decisions they make, this causes Nestlé to
lose out on business they could have got. It’s hard to find a solution that
will suit all customer’s needs.


Nestlé has a great efficient distribution system; ‘Managers and
companies can reduce costs that is related to inventory, improve delivery and
enhance product availability.’ By reducing the products costs, it will
encourage customers to buy these products. It will also attract more customers,
which will enable Nestlé to make more business. Improving delivery will also
encourage customers to use it, making it much easier for customers to get the
products that’s they want and need. Not having to travel far and wide to get

Nestlé has a strong R, R stands for research and
development. This refers to the investigation that a business conducts to
improve existing products and procedures in order to satisfy their customer’s
needs. Also developing new products and procedures for their customers and to
attract new customers to their business.

strength that Nestlé has is deep product
penetration.  ‘Market penetration refers
to the successful selling of a product; it is also a measure of the amount of
sales volume of an existing good or service.’ This shows us that Nestlé is very
successful when it comes to selling their products to customers, Nestlé also take customers wants and needs into
consideration when it comes to selling their products.

strategic position of Nestlé supported by three key areas of
business this includes leadership, customer satisfaction and sustainability.
This plays a very important role in Nestle, making sure that customers are
happy and needs are met.



SWOT analysis


In this
assignment I will be explaining the different environment effects on Nestlé and how the effects have impacted this business. Also how
the chosen business has responded to the changes on the market and being able
to identify the strengths and weaknesses.