Mc As the legislative are not harmed by

Mc Donald’s is the world’s
largest leading global food service retailer. It operates at about 36,000
locations in more than 100 different countries. Around 80% of restaurants are
operated worldwide and owned and operated by local business persons
(McDonald’s). Their main ambitions are ‘Good food, Good people and Good neighbor’.
Their most popular products are French fries, burgers, snack wraps and some
other breakfast Items (McDonald’s).


The Purpose of the sustainability policy is to
develop strategies for;

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Reducing toxic
material and hazardous chemical use

Employing life
cycle management approaches

sustainability principles

Raising awareness
among stakeholders

Training staff in
sustainability principles and techniques

Providing ideas to
minimise resource use and technique

Training staff in
sustainability principles and techniques

Uplifting for the
universal brotherhood

Upgrading and
implementing sustainability policy

Upgrading the
actual level of hygienic foods


sustainability policy


The most widely known definition of sustainable policy
development is meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising
the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Each and every member should
follow the policies and plans made in order to manage certain balance.
MacDonald’s company is committed to maintain their sustainability policy in
order to minimise our environmental and social impacts. Furthermore, these
policies are applicable to take good marketing of quality food for hygienic


Different sources are going to
help me to plan and develop the policy as follows;

Company websites
Company guidelines
Organisational specifications
Legislative requirement
Company staffs

Such the industrial strategies
are going to be a key point to develop the policies. As the legislative are not
harmed by our policies made, there’s no point in stopping the improvement or
development of policies.



Methods and techniques for writing policies







Sustainability Plan and policies

. Create an annual
Sustainability Reporting framework.

. providing training for the

. Providing the information to
stakeholder about sustainability.

. Recycling papers and tin

. adapting environmental
protection act to protect environment.

. company should focus on
other alternative renewable sources like solar power rather than electricity.

. Using internet communication
to make easy and protecting the overuse of resources


Sustainability procedure

Involve in an organization that knows sustainability method and its
attaining sustainability adaption in decision making at every
stage/level of the company.
support the sustainability policies
training staffs about the policies made



every member should work corporately to improve and implement
sustainability policies
providing knowledge to staffs about sustainable policy
every member of company should be provided by the updated
sustainability policies
targeted policies should be in practices for proper adaptation of
the policies



Sustainability policies made by the company should
followed by all the members of the company.

First the policies need to be implemented to be
followed. Some points to implement sustainability are as follows

develop a business

presentation with

implement certain
rules to get the success mission

develops new rules
and changing techniques 

give the well
definition for sustainability



Technology shortfall Act 2010

Water Act 2007
Australian energy market Act 2004
Product emission Standard Act 2017
Environment protection Act 1970
Food Act 2003




  Stakeholders like customers, staff,
investors, Suppliers, local community, regulators and technical specialists all
plays a key role for policy development purpose. Different stakeholders have
their importance on their own field. Such as staffs are required to complete
the works inside the company. Technical specialists play a vital role to
upgrade company with new technologies tools and equipment. Therefore, every
stakeholder should work in unite for smooth running of company and for the
policy development purpose.







Likely effectiveness








Existing organisational policies such as equal
employment opportunity, OHS and equity and diversity policies




Principles and practices of sustainability
management relevant to the industry




Industry best practice




Available tools and techniques of sustainability




Continuous improvement in resource efficiency








preservation of over use of resources
healthy competition among different company to develop new
Hygienic health status and environment


Income inequality among different countries
Resource may need to use more to get success sustainability policy
Urbanization may occur rapidly in developing countries while
developing sustainability policies
Recurrence of financial crisis may occur