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Reading Circle Response: Megan Miller650Citing the work of at least two of your peers from Reading Circle Four, explain why you agree or disagree with their identification of a symbol and motif in “I am A Mad Dog Biting Myself for Sympathy.” After reading Hailey Cameron’s contribution it is easy to see brings up a lot of very valid points that I did not include or even think. We are both in agreement that the symbol in I’m a Mad Dog Biting Myself for Sympathy is that of the toucan. However we have different interpretations of what the symbol of this toucan means. She thought that it represented the narrator’s devotion and love for his girlfriend Dawn. “To the narrator, the toucan is meant to represent his love for Dawn. his plot to steal the toucan and bring it to her elsewhere is a gesture to make him look heroic for Dawn.” (Cameron) It is later told to the reader that the narrator and Dawn are actually quite disconnected . He loses the toucan and second guesses himself. Now he thinks it was stupid, and that he would have looked silly in front of Dawn if he showed up with a stuffed animal. Now the importance seems to be in the romantic gesture of stealing the bird for Dawn, and how it reminded her of him. less of a romantic gesture but the narrator’s first thoughts when stealing. I based the symbolism more on the background of the author, and the fact that she is Native American. Hailey thought that the motif was the repetitive use of the word “I” with the narrator. Nearly every page has at least one sentence with I in it or the narrator makes a point to relate everything back to him. Some examples are when he learns that there is a baby in the back seat of the car that he just stole, and how that will affect him not the baby. Then when he steals the Toucan he relates that once again back to himself, and how it may affect him.  This is something that I did not even notice, nor think about to include in my contribution for my motif in the story. Something that I think that Hailey does a very good job is including many quotes from the story to help support her arguments, which really helps to solidify the point that she is trying to get across. In the end I think that the points that she makes are valid, and has more than enough evidence to support. I do agree with both her interpretation of the motif and symbolism in the story. The next Reading Contribution I read was from Jake Morrill. He begins by giving definitions of motif and symbolism which can be very helpful. Then he relates this story to others that we have read. Pointing out that in every other story the main character is put through something that in the end teaches them a lesson, and in the end they grow as a person. This story varies from this theme as it gives a sort of point of view story from someone that in today’s society would be conceived as bad. As a reader this allows us to expand our knowledge, and learn something new.  Something interesting that Jake brings up is the idea of seeing things as just black and white, and how that can be harmful. You should take into account all other factors, and think about what may have influenced to be the way they are. Maybe they are not completely bad?Jake states that the motif in the story is the fact that I is used quite frequently, and everything that happens in the story gets related back to him. For example, when he finds out that he has just kidnapped a child his first priority is still to get the toucan to Dawn. This is obviously a very self centered thought. I think that Jake makes a very logical argument for the motif. Jake and I both agree that the symbol is the toucan, and that it symbolizes his desperation for attention. Megan Miller Reading Circle Statement:661Citing evidence from at least three of our lectures, formulate a response to a major point about “I Am A Mad Dog Biting Myself for Sympathy” in today’s lecture.Our previous lecture was about the short story “I’m a Mad Dog Biting for Sympathy”. Dr. Crowley’s main point or question “Why it is that bad people do bad things”(6:45), and literature is here to help “broaden our cultural horizons” (0.27) Upon reading varying pieces of literature we learn about different types of people and cultures, and possibly understand better why they may behave the way that they do. We may become”aware fundamentally of people that are different”. In this short story we have a narrator that would probably be classified as someone who is bad. We learn more about the narrator’s inner workings and why he may be doing the things that he is doing. The narrator seems to have grown up in a dysfunctional household, and now seems to a very lonely and broken as an adult. This helps us to better understand why he steals the toucan, it seems as though it is just a cry for attention. Another interesting concept that Dr. Crowley introduces is the idea of cause and effect, or “how does it get there” (7.20) This is obviously a very complicated question, and would probably never be able to be fully developed within a short story. It is interesting to try and develop your own theories about what caused the narrator to get to this point, using the context clues within the story to support your theory. No one interpretation is right or wrong, as many people will read things differently. As long as you have evidence to support what you are saying. Stemming off of this is the question, “why is he acting this way?” (2.29). This was taken from the lecture, “What You Pawn I Will Redeem”. The lecture itself is in reference to Jackson, but we can also relate this to any other piece of literature. Why did the narrator from “I’m a Mad Dog Biting for Sympathy” act the way that he did, and what happened to him to cause him to be like this. He seems to have a troubled relationship with his parents.My parents. It’s not like I hate them or anything. I just can’t see them. I can close my eyes and form my sister’s face behind my eyelids, but not my parents’ faces. Where their eyes should meet mine, nothing” (150)  Troubled relationships with your parents can have very significant effects later on in life, and can prevent your ability to progress properly through developmental stages. Another significant figure with this story is narrators girlfriend Dawn, even though we learn later that they haven’t been together for awhile. The narrator seems to care very deeply about Dawn, as he was willing to go to great lengths to get her a christmas present.  We can see as the reader that he lacks a meaningful loving relationship in his life, and fills this void with any attention that he can get. Both of these stories portray the narrators or main characters world very well, and we feel fully immersed.  The authors accomplish this by having a story that centers around a theme and their clever use of motifs, and symbols. This gives us the ability to get a feeling for the characters feelings, anxieties, and desires. One of the main points of the “At Home” lecture was that storytelling maybe,”A fundamental way that we communicate with each other so that we can express the things that are most important and significant to each other” (8:37). This had to do with the idea that sometimes it can be really hard for people to understand a concept with facts, but when using storytelling you can portray the same message, and be much better understand. This can be seen in the story “I’m a Mad Dog Biting for Sympathy”. Instead of just telling the reader that the main character is lonely and sad, they portray this in the story in various way. Citations:Module Lecture: Raymond Carver’s Cathedral. Directed by Adam Crowley, CANVAS, 2018. Module Lecture: I Am A Mad Dog. Directed by Adam Crowley, CANVAS, 2018