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The arts organization that I chose to analyze was Inner-City Arts that is located in Los Angeles, California. This arts organization provides programs that help elementary, middle and high school students to be more creative, collaborative and confident people. This organization is targeted towards underserved children, as well as, the youth so that it can improve their chances of building self-esteem, developing creativity and improving academic achievement. With that being said, there are programs all year round and can improve personal outcomes.

            Inner-City Arts mission is: “Our mission is to engage young people in the creative process in order to shape a society of creative, confident and collaborative individuals” (“Inner City Arts,” 2016, “Mission”). With this mission, the organization wants to be sure that the youth involved succeeds later on in life and maybe even carrying on a career in the arts. That want to build the youth’s self-esteem and make sure they are confident in themselves to achieve their dreams and goals. Also, this mission encourages the youth to be more involved in the arts whether that be during school hours, after school hours, on the weekend or during the summer programs.

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            A brief description of Inner-City Arts is that it is located in Los Angeles, California on Kohler Street, it is not a small organization and has many organizational details. Inner-City Arts relies on financial contributors of individual donors and numerous corporations public agencies, foundations and other strategic partners. Also, those are the type of people that they rely on to achieve creativity. They have served over 200,000 students over the years, as well as, 10,000 teachers in the LA area. Inner-City Arts organization was founded in 1989 by Bob Bates and Irwin Jaeger, who teamed up to create this organization that would be a creative and safe environment for children that lived in downtown neighborhoods. The first partnership that had was with the Los Angeles Unified School District that brought students from an elementary school to Inner-City Arts’ first-ever studio, which after this the organization served 60 elementary school students. In 1992, the organization received one of the first of multi-year Title VII grant that was given by the U.S. Department of Education that supported student achievement, as well as, the development of training programs for teachers. In 1995, Inner-City Arts collaborated with UCLA’s Graduate School of Education researchers and Information Studies to evaluate if the programs are effective. In 2001, researchers at UCLA confirmed that the Inner-City Arts programs were effective from high-poverty children. They have received other achievements, partnered up with other people, collaborated with people and received gifts and contributors from donors. Inner-City has an incredible and interesting history.

            The organization’s primary audience would be the foundations, corporations, public agencies and individual donors. Due to the fact that this organization is funded by donators, foundations, corporations, etc. the primary audience would be the people that give the organization money. The secondary audience would be students, parents, and employees that are involved in the organization. Due to the fact that foundations, corporations and people like that, the secondary audience would be students, parents, and employees that work with the organization because that is how the donators and investors will decide whether to give the organization money for programs.

            The organization is in a good standing with an overall rate of 91.97 according to Charity Navigator. Also, they have a financial rate of 89.38 and an accountability and transparency rate of 96.00. These rates show how the organization stands with not only with the people involved but the rates show other evidence of the organization. The overall rate gives them a four out of four star rating.

            The primary promotional would be social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as, fundraising. The way this organization gets revenue has more to do with foundations, corporations, public agencies and individuals such as The Walt Disney Company, California Department of Parks and Recreation, Doug and Robin Hinchliffe, Glorya Kaufman Dance Foundation, Monica and Philip Rosenthal and the Rosenthal Family Foundation and more. All of these individuals, foundations, corporations and public agencies have contributed over one million dollars, however, the organization also gets revenue from fundraising events and opportunities such as the Artist Invitational, Summer on Seventh, Imagine Awards and Monthly Guided Tours. The Artist Invitational is an opportunity that allows people across LA to witness the work of contemporary artists. Summer on Seventh is a downtown party that consists of music, art, and dance. Imagine Awards is an annual fundraiser that is always held every year in the fall. The monthly guided tours are tours that are scheduled to look around their campus to see all the programs and the campus itself. Another revenue for the organization comes from Government grants, which is a small portion.

            In conclusion, Inner-City Arts organization is an effective organization designed to help children in poverty to increase creativity, improve academics and build self-confidence. The organization is funded by gifts from donors or contributors more than fund-raising, however, fund-raising is the second most revenue with Government grants being the other revenue. Inner-City Arts holds regular fund-raisers and opportunities and has served more than 200,000 students in doing so. The Inner-City Arts organization is about the new generation and wanting the best for the youth of our future.